Testimonials - Bizdom Business Coaching Hawkes Bay
We believe we’re only as good as the change we help make in our clients' lives.
What matters to us are the positive outcomes for our clients' lives and business, so we sat down and listened to what they had to say...

Going into our business planning session there was a fear of facing the facts and hard truths.

This created an obstacle for us to commit to being open and being held accountable, but Mark’s approached asked the hard questions in a compassionate way and made everything very easy to understand.
Having experienced this independent business review, we gained significant value in providing confidence with helping us plan our way forward. It starts with hard questions, getting an understanding of where your business currently is, assessing both vulnerabilities and strengths, and inspiring you to act with a new and plan. From fears to confidence – thank you for helping us in our next steps forward!

Sarah Heald – Dorrington and Poole Lawyers

Working with Christine has been the best thing that has happened for our business in a long time.
She works with us to ensure we make the best decisions for our business and also for our future. Looking back at where we were at before meeting her 2 years ago to where we are now – astounding.

The team at Bizdom have kept us accountable and are our most trusted advisors. Given we moved to them from what is a very large, reputable accounting firm – we can say from the very first day with Bizdom we have not looked back!

Zainab Ali – CrestClean

Bizdom have provided a safe and encouraging environment within our mentoring group which provides valuable learning to support us during our journey operating our accounting firm.

Matthew Davis – Ake Accounting

We joined Mark’s business coaching group 6 months ago, in search of the modern advisory-focused accounting firm we aspired to be.

Mark has shown us how to deliver at the next level, giving us direction, focus and a wealth of support to get us well on our way to toward where we want to be as a practice and fulfilment of our personal goals.

Paul Andrews – iFigure Accounting Specialists

We switched accountants a couple of years ago to Bizdom and we are so glad we made the move! Bizdom are not your stereotypical accountants.

They are a passionate team who want to know what makes you and your business tick so they can enable you to achieve your goals both personal and professional.
The advice, support and direction we have received has been invaluable. We couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thank you Mark, Christine and the rest of the Bizdom team.

NZ Ceilings

I now stress a bit less knowing that the Bizdom Team have our back.

Not only are we blown away by the quick responses and the actions taken regarding our business but feel at ease knowing Bizdom are all over and on top of everything.
It has been the best move switching Accounting Firms.

Teresa Walker – Clint Wright Landscaping

We have now had the pleasure of working with Mark and his team for just over 12 months and have been extremely impressed with their professional and detailed approach to working with us.

Bizdom have taught us how to keep a keen eye on our future plans and also to translate that into a manageable set of tasks that are directly accountable to our goals, both short and long term.
Mark underpins his business coaching with sound principles which are globally tried and tested and this has helped us in our problem solving and decision making immeasurably.

If you are looking for a highly skilled, accountancy team to deal with your financials and the addition of a dynamic and progressive business coach , I would highly recommend Mark and his team to deliver both successfully.

Emily Brittin – Brittin Builders

Following our Business Planning Day with Mark, I have received clarity, energy, motivation and the HOW to personally develop myself within my role in the business. Having a 5 year strategy in place along with alignment and purpose has helped me reconnect with the WHY. A must for any business looking to lay down a strong foundation.

Martyn Ecroyd – KGA Accounting Plus

I have a clear purpose and vision for the next 3-5 years along with alignment between key personnel.
Being away from the office with the time to focus on the business allowed for open and honest conversations to take place and a firm plan to be set in play.

I would strongly recommend a business planning session – as it’s essential to set the scene for the future of the business.

Jacqueline Ironside -KGA Accounting Plus

Exceptional Accounting and Business Advisory service. A big thank you to Mark and the team for your great advice.

Finsol Financial Services Ltd

You rarely achieve your goals without a viable plan and during my recent Business Planning Session with Mark, got excited about the future.
Together we identified goals for the next 12 months and drafted a plan of attack. It was great to sit down and look at my numbers in Xero in general and gain a better understanding of my business’ position – not to mention, I picked up a couple of Xero tips along the way. The recognition from Mark that we are tracking well is a real morale booster and I recommend making a Business Planning Session a priority.

Mike Bailey – Architectural Facades Ltd

Taking part in a Business Planning Day with Bizdom gave me confidence in my decision making, clarity of my vision and defined my company’s’ purpose.

It's proven valuable to have an outsider looking in questioning assumptions, changing your thinking,
and offering advanced accounting knowledge to help drive business growth. It's more than just knowing your numbers, it's about turning them into tough actionable goals, and having someone hold you accountable to them.

Alice – 3Sixty2 Ltd

Taking a day away from working IN the business to focus ON the business without the noise of everyday tasks, teamed up with an independent eye to apply their expertise is invaluable.
I have walked away with clarity around my overall business growth path and a few key tasks I can do to send me in that direction. Without the session my business would remain in the status quo.
I have left feeling inspired and confident to make some changes and expand my business.

Beth Elstone – Littlestone Ltd

We gained a lot of value from our recent meeting with Paige. She was so helpful and professional. Her explanations were very clear, and she was able to provide answers to loads of our questions. Looking forward to working more with her.

Joseph and Laura – Sutherland Performance

Christine is awesome. I have only been meeting with her for a couple of months now, but the difference she has made to our business and my understanding of our accounts is priceless! Thank you so much!

Sarah Kloeg – Wellington Refrigeration

Since employing Bizdom for financial advice for our business, our lives have undergone a substantial change for good. Their “glass half full” attitude to finances has given us a new lease of life where we actually feel positive and excited about our business and what a great asset we have created, with the power to make our dreams come true.

Through some sage advice, some good direction, and from giving the business a few necessary tweaks, we are more profitable, with more to come.

From an organisational point of view, Bizdom has streamlined our business so that we know the roles we have within it, and don’t need to deviate from them (which often happens in a small-business situation). I think we all feel more empowered because of it. I would highly recommend Bizdom to any business.


Our Core Values Workshop was such a valuable exercise.
It has helped create clarity of our direction and identity for our business and the entire team.
Everyone contributed their values to the circle, and our final core values we settled on represent and include the whole team, no-one was overlooked.
This workshop has reinforced that we all come from a very similar set of values and this will strengthen our business and team going forward. It has already inspired the team to take action and be more proactive in the workplace.

Sunshine Joinery – Felicity and Rick Martin

My wife and I attend the Planning for Success Workshops and we find it invaluable because it’s hard to find the time to have a forward-thinking business mindset while mostly focused on being IN our business.
Discussing the various "hats" and how they work sharing the time with other like-minded business owners gives us reinforcement, direction and also some new ideas on how to approach things within our business.
A must-attend if you are starting a business or looking to grow your existing business.

Greg & Sandy Mawson – Getitsorted Health and Fitness

We have been working with Mark at a high level across accounts which has naturally evolved into advisory level planning for a bigger goal & culture building.

Mark has brought a fresh look to business and reporting, which our full team have all benefited from. Mark has channelled our enthusiasm to be productive, improved our organisational chart while identifying missing key staff member for our team.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bizdom.

Your Solutions Ltd – Adam Satherley

Mark has been fantastic to work with. He understands the struggles of running an accounting practice and he inspires me to operate with greater confidence. He believes so fully and deeply in what he is teaching that it just flows out of him effortlessly and the challenge is to capture all the wisdom he has to share


We recently invested in a Business Planning half day with Mark. There is value in having a facilitated discussion about the state of your business.

Having a common starting point for discussions and good forum for us all to bring up our concerns and ideas has given us something to aim for, accountability to a third party and fresh outlook on the day to day running of the business. I would recommend investing in a Business Planning Session to if you are serious about improving your business.

Hamish Woulfe – The Big Picture Wellington

I feel excited about the new directions I am embarking on with Mark’s coaching help this year.
It feels like I am finally doing in reality what I wanted to do when I became a Chartered Accountant over 20 years ago.


Having Mark’s support and guidance has helped me gain a greater understanding of where my business is going and how I’m going to get there.
I now feel motivated and prepared with the skills I need to move forward in my start-up business.

Charlotte Heald – Wealth of Health

From our first point of contact for our planning session, every interaction with BIZDOM has been super impressive, genuine and personable. There was clarity and transparency around what to expect - and in the delivery, exceeding expectations.

A key stand out was Mark taking time along the way to get our feedback and make sure we were getting value from the session. The attention to detail was excellent.

We overcame a long period of being stagnant through purely not knowing what to do and where to go next - almost giving up, which pushed us to get a coach and go ahead with a planning session.
We took away massive value in developing a plan, strategy, actions and putting accountability in place. We are no longer going around in circles and treading water. For one of our group there was great value in finding belief in the project, knowing that we have a great business idea on our hands and understanding how we move forward.

The juice box gift was a nice touch and all organisation and pre work was really well managed.
We greatly appreciate Marks flexibility in adjusting the way the session went as needed, appreciate the extra time offered and sharing of resources / documents to enable us to do as much ourselves, in turn saving us money.

Business Planning Day

Succession Planning has been valuable to get a better understanding of the options available to us as we move through the various stages of life – and to make sure we can take time to enjoy what we’ve been working for.

Having third party input by someone who was not emotionally attached to our portfolio was a game changer. Mark was able to ask questions that we would never think to ask ourselves.

We wish we’d done this years ago!


Mark and the team always bring a sense of clarity and calm. Our Team is more engaged than ever before and efficiency has improved. Every session gets better and better.


We have been working with Mark and his team for over 5 years now. His ability to get us to focus on business efficiency and process really has improved our cash flow. He has an intricate knowledge of the construction industry which really helps when combined with his accounting knowledge.

Mitch Wilson – The Electrical Co. Wgtn. Ltd.

I have been attending Bizdom’s ‘Planning for Success’ workshops for coming up a year now, and the biggest thing they have taught me is to focus and know your figures.

We all get so busy with the day-to-day running of the business it is hard to stop, switch the phone on silent and actually focus on how the business is tracking. I have been attending Bizdom’s ‘Planning for Success’ workshops that bring together business professionals from all different trades and services to spend a few hours focusing on the company numbers, how to budget for the next quarter, and most importantly how to plan for success.

The Bizdom staff are very dedicated to helping your business strive and leave no questions unanswered. With such a professional and committed service to all its clients, I will continue attending their workshops. I encourage others to do so too, not only to help their business goals become achievable but life goals as well.


Mark really put us through our paces during our planning session, which included a deconstruction and critique of our financial position, habits and objectives.

He identified areas in-which we could improve, and gave us the tools to be able to regain control over our short term financial position.

We also identified our medium and long term goals, and put in place a step-by-step plan to ensure we achieve these outcomes. I now feel like I can sleep at night.


Following my Business Planning Day, having Mark’s support and guidance has helped me gain a greater understanding of where my business is going and how I’m going to get there. I now feel motivated and prepared with the skills I need to move forward in my start-up business.


Bizdom has a sharp approach to accounting and business coaching. Their attitude is easy, very communicative, they love life but they will crack the whip when they need to! Bizdom’s flat fee idea is innovative. These all is very refreshing!

Eneritz Echeverria – Pintxo

After moving to Bizdom 6 months ago we have appreciated Mark and his team’s pragmatic and practical approach to our needs. Mark’s experience with cashflow forecasting and tax planning has been incredibly helpful to our constantly growing business, and I’d happily recommend Bizdom to any business experiencing rapid growth.

Shaun McPherson – Boulevard Services