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We’re a little different to your average accounting practice. That’s because we do much more than balance your books and file your tax returns. We help you work smarter, not harder, to build a life you love, on your terms. We keep your goals at the heart of everything we do, and use the wisdom we’ve gained through building businesses ourselves to help you achieve them.

We’re not a big corporate consultancy. We are a boutique, specialist professional services firm, and we proudly keep things personal.


  • FAMILY FIRST Remembering our purpose
  • PASSION We do what we love and love what we do
  • EMPATHY We listen, we care, we understand
  • RESPECT For people, their time, differences beliefs and values
  • REFINE Continuously improving to be the best version of you

Our people



06 281 2745 B.Com (hons), CA

From a rural Hawke’s Bay family background, Mark is certainly not your typical Chartered Accountant. With a career founded on an honours degree in accounting and commercial banking, Mark now works closely with businesses daily. His CV includes a proven track record of building businesses nationwide through strategic thinking and focused execution, with his success grounded in an understanding of the real-life challenges they face.

To Mark, a great business delivers the three freedoms – Time Freedom, Mind Freedom and Financial Freedom. Within the numbers, Mark can see potential begging to be developed. He helps these businesses progress from crawling to walking, then running to flying. He helps people make smarter decisions, putting achievable goals in place and holding clients accountable as they work towards building a better business.

Not only is he a self-made man, but he’s also a thought leader who has helped many other business owners achieve their financial and life goals.
Mark lives and breathes the core values developed within his business, Bizdom – the first of which is ‘Family First’.

06 281 2745
0275 441 101
I’m not content with keeping clients’ financials in order, because within the numbers I see the potential that’s just begging to be developed. With Bizdom I’m helping businesses to progress from crawling, to walking, to running, to flying. MARK GREER.


04 595 4971 CA

Helping business owners to become what they always wanted to be is Lesley’s reason for being. Her career includes nearly 20 years in public practice chartered accountancy firms, so there’s no commercial situation that’s beyond her experience. Lesley has a close eye for detail and is an experienced business coach who understands how to get the best out of people using empathy and proven coaching techniques. These skills, coupled with a technical tax and accounting background, make her a valuable asset for Bizdom’s clients.

04 595 4971
Helping people to understand where they are, then plot a course to be in a better place in five years’ time is my greatest satisfaction. LESLEY PATCHELL.


BCom/B.Sc, CA

Christine is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. She studied at Victoria University doing a conjoint degree majoring in Accounting, Tax and Biotechnology. She joins us after 5 years experience in a Chartered Accountancy firm leading a team of accountants and working closely with ambitious business owners to help grow their business.

Outside of work Christine enjoys cooking, travelling and spending time with her new Chocolate Lab, Turk.

I enjoy talking about net worth tracking, personal wealth creation and achieving financial freedom. I get a real kick out of improving a client’s financial position. CHRISTINE SINGH.

NICOLE TAANE. Business Manager


Nicole joins the team at Bizdom as their newly appointed Business Manager.
Nicole’s accounting career spans over 12 years working for two local Hawkes Bay CA firms. She has graduated from Open Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting, and has recently completed her requirements to become an Associate Chartered Accountant.

With the extensive background as a Senior Accountant, Nicole is able to meet the needs of her clients with a broad knowledge of both business and accounting. Her passion to help businesses thrive and achieve their goals make her an asset to the team. Along with good attention to detail and time management, Nicole also has experience with training and mentoring other Accountants.

In her spare time Nicole loves to spend time with her two children and Husband in sunny Hawkes Bay.


VICTORIA CORNELIUS. Head of Marketing & Administration

Victoria or Vik as we call her, is Mark’s Virtual right hand lady, she helps keep Mark to task. She is also Head of Marketing and Administration here at Bizdom.
Vik is tasked with leading the administration and Marketing team and is constantly exploring and striving for ways to improve systems and processes.

With over 10 years experience with businesses in the CA industry, Vik knows how to manage Mark and fill the gaps in his professional life. Vik and Mark work closely as a team to ensure the best possible results for clients. The work of a great Executive Assistant is self-appointed and requires a high degree of professional independence, initiative and self-discipline and our Vik has it all along with a sprinkle of admin OCD. She is an organisation queen.

As Vik is virtual, away from Bizdom she spends her time darting between her two home towns, Mount Maunganui and the Coromandel and is often here there and everywhere taking care of her Virtual Assistant Business.



021 441 787
Teamwork divides the task but multiplies the success. Here at Bizdom we are hands on to help Mark and his clients reach their goals and achieve their personal success. VICTORIA CORNELIUS.


Chantelle brings to the table over 14 years’ experience working in Chartered Accountancy Firms. She is passionate about business and people and thrives on helping clients work smarter not harder.

Certified in NLP and Life Coaching, Chantelle is committed to both professional and personal self-development for herself and her clients – a winning combination to achieve the three freedoms and the illusive work life balance.

Helping people see what’s necessary, getting them to do what’s possible and soon they are doing the impossible. CHANTELLE MURRAY.

BRITTANY NEAL. Client Manager

Brittany loves working alongside clients, to really get to know about them and their businesses. She comes into contact with most of our clients – if you’ve ever popped into our Wellington Office, Brittany is likely the first person you’ll meet.  Brittany is orginally from Marlborough, but has roots throughout the whole of the South Island.

Brittany is a whizz with Xero, and is our go-to for any questions about cloud based accounting softwares. She love training clients on how to get the most out Xero and empowering clients to take charge and understand their financial information. Breaking things down into real terms is one of Britt’s favourite converstaions to have.She also works on tax compliance which includes things like GST returns, end of year accounts and management accounts.

Outside of work, Brittany loves to bake and spoil us with treats, while also training for the 10K she’ll be running later in the year – she swears that one day she’ll run a marathon! (Just don’t ask when)

People are the most valuable resource a business can have. Collaboration, teamwork and organisation are the pillars of success in my eyes. BRITTANY NEAL.

BRITTANY WILLIAMS. Administration Assistant

Brittany is passionate about all things business and outstanding outcomes for clients. She enjoys learning, taking initiative and putting her own spin on processes to work smarter.
With a background in banking, real estate and anti-money laundering, Brittany brings an array of skills and experience to Bizdom.

When Brittany is not at Bizdom, she is running her Personal Training Business out of Les Mills Lambton Quay and coaching Kiwis to move better and get stronger. While she enjoys being busy and productive, Brittany prioritises work/life balance by getting outdoors as much as possible or darting off to Hawkes Bay to visit her family