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Landlords Urged to Note Brightline Test Before Buying or Selling a Property

Landlords have been left scrambling after 23 March 2021 when the government threw us a curveball no one saw coming. They proposed some major tax changes which they believe would fix the housing market and slow down house price increases.

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Your Ultimate Co-Working Space

By Eva Bradley Photography

The top floor to our recently renovated building is now available as a shared working space (aka. Co-working space) and we’re looking forward to seeing this new professional working area thrive alongside us.

From an impressive entrance created by the historic nature and structure of the building, you then find yourself in a spacious and very modern office space resplendent with a stylish waiting area hitting just the right note of friendly professionalism with your business visitors and prospective clients.

This space is designed to encourage and inspire productivity, collaboration and business growth. Research shows time and again, that a positive workspace, one that will improve our motivation and productivity is one with plenty of natural light, has space to work alone or in groups plus options for relaxing and networking.

Those who know us will also appreciate the fact that we walk our talk when it comes to our business core values – we practice what we preach. An important part of our culture is that we put  family first. While we are all motivated to work productively and efficiently when we are in the office (working smarter not harder!), we also support each other when it comes to family matters. You could say we are a family-based culture.

If you were to join our shared offices, you space includes a large, modern desk and storage space, 24/7 access to the building to come and go as you please, meeting rooms available for use via the online booking system, access to rooftop area with views of Napier City and Marine Parade and more…

Running costs including power, heating, commercial cleaning of floors and toilets. Building costs including insurance, land & building rates, building WOF, lift maintenance and compliance, fire service costs.

Please take a look at our shared serviced office website here at Maritime House Napier, or contact us to arrange a time for a viewing.

Working space includes:

  • Office furniture
  • Phone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Access to printing
  • Meeting rooms
  • Communal kitchen
  • Espresso machine

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