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Plan to Thrive in 2020

2020 is looking like an exciting and successful year for so many businesses out there. However, for many, the challenge may not be in simply succeeding but in sustaining that success and thriving through 2020 and beyond. Before we jump into sharing our tips with you on how to create a great plan, it’s important […]

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What is your definition of success?

Posted 2 years ago in LEADERSHIP, LIFESTYLE

If you could define what success looks like for you in your business what would you say?  Is your definition measurable?  Will you know when you’ve got there and can you measure your progress along the way?  Here are some suggestions to help you get your definition really clear:


  1. Work out what is most important to you – just as they say on aeroplane safety announcements, put the oxygen mask on yourself first.  Think about your relationships, your family, your health, stress levels and what you love doing both at work and away from work.
  2. Define the lowest possible income level you need to survive – so often we set ourselves targets that are unachievable or out of reach.  The further we are away from our financial goals the less happy we will be.  If we lower our income sights we can work less and therefore have more time for the things that we love doing out of work.
  3. Define the hours of work you want to do each week – refer back to point one and work out which activities you are currently doing that can either be delegated or dumped.  Remember that you choose to work the way you are now and you are in control.
  4. Define what holidays you want this year – make a clear plan as to when, where and with who.  Setting a clear vision and plan for holidays drives you to implement the strategies needed to make the holiday happen.
  5. Set targets for the things you want to do outside of work – these may be the numbers of hours for exercise, reading hours or number of technology free hours.
  6. Set up a measuring system – for example, if you’re going to work 35 hours per week then measure this EVERY week.  If you plan to read more then set a target and measure this as you go.

Of course none of this is rocket science – it’s just that most of the time we are all too busy in the day to day ‘noise’ to get around to doing it.


A great way to get clear on what success looks like is to develop or update your business plan.  In your plan you should have a section defining ‘what you want to have.’  This section is where you include your definition of success.

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Success is not in what you have, but who you are

– Bo Bennett

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