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Getting Your Business Through Winter Illnesses


It’s the perfect storm: the ongoing threat of COVID-19 converging with seasonal influenza. Not only can these illnesses wreak havoc on people’s health, but they can also impact your business. One study found that employees who come to work sick cost employers twice as much in productivity losses than employees who stay home. And while many […]

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Stop working harder, start working smarter

Our purpose in business is to help business owners and directors stop working so hard and instead work smarter. We mentor these people to become better leaders, strategic thinkers and smarter business owners. Effectively going more time, more enjoyment and a greater passion for their business and the work they do.

Time Freedom, Mind Freedom & Financial Freedom

We are all about helping our clients achieve these three goals as we know when you have these, you have the life you want. We believe true success is defined by freedom – time, mind and financial freedom. By working smarter on and in your business, you can achieve these freedoms.

We do this by showing our business owners and directors how to look for opportunities to utilise the power of ‘leverage’ across all aspects of their business. Our structured programs teach our clients how to run a better business.

10 Hats Organisational Chart

An important and recurring feature to all our programmes is our 10 Hats Organisational Chart as outlined in this earlier blog post.

Getting the right structure for your business will allow your revenue to increase without creating bottlenecks, overloading team members or causing errors or mistakes. Bottom line returns should increase at a rate greater than the revenue increase as the business becomes more efficient and achieves economies of scale.

Your organisational structure shows the departments in your business, who is responsible for what (whether they’re employees or external contractors) and how the hierarchy works. We call this the ‘10 Hats Organisational Structure’.

The Business Circuit

Another important feature to our programmes is our definition of ‘The Business Circuit’ where we ask our clients to imagine cash as energy. Energy is what your business needs to keep the lights on.

If you consider your wealth reserves as a ‘battery’, then it’s cash that takes it to full charge. To make sure you have plenty of ‘energy’ to burn in retirement and beyond we work on getting your business circuit in good working order.

We have a number of excellent workshops and one-on-one coaching opportunities already available for 2020 to help you kick your year off with a bang and hopefully make this your most successful year ever…

Planning for Success Quarterly Workshop Series

Our quarterly ‘Planning for Success’ sessions are the ideal way to take a step out of the day-to-day and get some clear direction on achieving long term success – whatever this looks like for you.

We help our business owners work smarter instead of harder. We want you to be more financially successful by doing less, gaining you more time, a better life-work balance and more enjoyment in your business.

By attending this quarterly workshop, you will:

*Identify the Top 5 things you need to do in the next 90 days to get the best results for your business;
*Create a specific, step-by-step action list on how to achieve these goals;
*Set a timeline for achieving your goals for each quarter; and
*Create a planning system to share with your team so that everyone is working together to achieve this lift in productivity.

The investment is half a day of your time each quarter plus $195+gst per month to attend these workshops. Limit 10 businesses.

Email or PM us here to find out more or book your session!

1hr Complimentary Business Review Meetings

Get PROACTIVE with your business but taking advantage of our awesome offer for a complimentary 1hr ‘Business Review’ meeting – available Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Get some valuable insights & guidance from CEO & Business Development guru, Mark Greer, including:

*Reviewing your business strategy
*Reviewing your organisational structure
*Reviewing your asset plan
*Assessing your drivers of cash & your cash pain points
*And more!

Email or PM us to find out more and book your 1hr complimentary session now!