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The sixth cause of poor cashflow – Overheads are too high


This isn’t typically a place where you will find a lot of wastage. Our experience is that business owners are very careful about managing their expenses, and the smaller the business is, the truer that statement is. Having said that, as a business grows, so do the layers of hierarchy. Management control can deteriorate, and […]

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Starting a new business? Identify your WHY.

Posted 4 months ago in BUSINESS PLANNING

Starting your own business, or regenerating one from within, can be a daunting venture. It is a leap of faith, but also a tantalising opportunity to journey down a different path.

Key to establishing a successful business is getting crystal clear on why you’re making this leap into the unknown, and what you want the business to do. Without this understanding, it’s easy to fall back on traditional expectations and to ultimately end up as a cookie cutter business, no different to your competitors.

Identifying your WHY?

One of the most popular TedX videos is Simon Sinek’s inspiring and timeless presentation from 2009. Watch it here.

The Sinek video neatly captures the importance of “why?” in business. It also starkly challenges us too, with the killer question: “why do you get out of bed in the morning and why should anyone care?” These are powerful, personal questions to start your journey. Without a North Star, the journey will be that much harder to successfully navigate. Simon Sinek’s “Why?” challenge has helped business owners world-wide find their purpose.

Start Me Up

Identifying your North Star is one thing – aiming your rocket-ship and reaching your destination is quite another. Getting off the launch pad and punching through the atmosphere at the right velocity without over-heating or breaking up is the really tricky part. It can be lonely and just a bit scary starting a new venture. Selling a different vision to a market where low expectations and customer apathy are endemic can be hard work.

However there is no better time to create your own business than the present. With online technology and the ability to set up global offices so easily, there has never been a better time with the technology that is now available.

Grab some whiteboard markers, a trusted collaborator or two, and start drawing the future!

AND, tell us about your ‘why’ – we can help you achieve it.

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