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Getting Your Business Through Winter Illnesses


It’s the perfect storm: the ongoing threat of COVID-19 converging with seasonal influenza. Not only can these illnesses wreak havoc on people’s health, but they can also impact your business. One study found that employees who come to work sick cost employers twice as much in productivity losses than employees who stay home. And while many […]

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Shared Experiences Working Remotely

Posted 2 years ago in LEADERSHIP

The lockdown period and transitioning to working from home has been a rollercoaster experience from everyone in New Zealand. It has been challenging and stressful at times, but it has also revealed some unexpected positive experiences for people too.

We thought we would share the experiences of some of the team who have all been working remotely through Alert Levels 4 & 3. Our team has been working hard to support our clients and their businesses through this unprecedented lockdown period.

Chantelle Murray

Senior Accountant, Chantelle Murray, immediately appreciated the advantages of working from home including not having to travel and being able to connect easily with colleagues and clients online.

Despite feeling somewhat isolated at times, Chantelle found she had more time in her day overall.

“It has been easy to chat and get a reply from people online,” says Chantelle. “Team meetings have also been fairly easy as well, depending on everyone’s internet connections.”

Nicole Taane

Our Hawkes Bay Business Manager also enjoyed working from home, and believes the team bonded more through this experience using Microsoft Teams to connect with each other throughout the day.

“I have also been able to live more into our core values since lockdown which has made me a better team member,” explains Nicole. “I feel we, as a team, have gained so much more from the lockdown than what we have lost, and I look forward to continuing forward with what we have now established.”

Brittany Neal

Although Brittany, our Accountant, has felt some loneliness working from home, she has appreciated the money she has saved from not buying lunches as well as the extra contact with clients.

“I drink a lot more coffee at home but am saving lots of money on lunches,” says Brittany. “I’ve also really enjoyed touching base with clients – it’s great to hear from them and help as best as I can.”

Christine Singh

Working from home hasn’t been as quiet for our Associate Director, Christine Singh, who thought it would be easy considering there are no kids in her household but actually found it to be the opposite thanks to a brand new, six-week old puppy.

“We decided to get a puppy to keep our Labrador company throughout the day which turned out to be a bad idea!” Christine realised. “Apart from the chaos of having a puppy, working from home has brought us closer together as a team, with daily team huddles and the occasional wine over Team Viewer.”

Christine has especially enjoyed not commuting or using public transport which she says has added at least an hour and a half of productivity into her day.

“However, sticking to a daily routine has been important,” says Christine. “I start the day with a 6:30am F45 online gym session every workday, and I go for a walk at lunchtime with our big dog which keeps us both happy and sane for the day.”

Brittany Williams

Brittany, Client Services & Administration, has found working from home to be a good experience over all, especially connecting with everyone through Microsoft Teams each day.

“I’ve really enjoyed our daily video meetings which has been a great way to continue to support each other, share how we are living into our core values during this time and still have a good laugh every day.”

The transition wasn’t entirely smooth sailing for Brittany when realised she sometimes focused too much on her work, and let her own well-being become less of a priority.

“I think working from home makes it easier to get caught in the flow of work which is great for productivity but can cause the feeling of a bit of burn out if I let my own well-being slip,” explains Brittany. “I’ve found that ensuring I break up the day to get outside for a walk or run helps me maintain the balance and sense of normality.”

Lesley Patchell

Although our operations director, Lesley, has been missing her daily takeaway coffee and impromptu Q&A sessions in the office, she can see there is a lot of opportunity for delivering quality services to clients unable to meet us in person.

“The future for online client meetings is huge,” says Lesley. “Clients have been amazing using Zoom and Microsoft Teams has been a great way for us to communicate as a team as well.” “Our team is amazing, and we are all getting used to work in the ‘n

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