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Know Your Numbers to Grow Your Business

The key drivers of business value are different for every business.  For example, revenue growth, revenue per client, sales or profit are all key drivers.  Knowing what the key driver is for your business is essential to your sustainability and growth in business, and this all comes down to knowing your numbers. Need to Know […]

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How to Apply for a Small Business Loan

Posted 5 months ago in BUSINESS PLANNING

The New Zealand Government is providing interest free loans for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 economic shock to support their immediate cashflow needs and meet fixed costs. The Minister of Finance and Minister of Revenue say the Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme (SBCS) will provide assistance of up to $100,000 to firms employing 50 or fewer full time equivalent employees. This document provides an overview of how to apply for the small business cashflow scheme loan through Inland Revenue.

Please Note: This is not an application form this is simply a tool to help you get familiar with the process before you apply. Applications are only available in myIR and are open from 12 May – 12 June 2020.

Download ‘How to Apply’ guide here…

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