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Bizdom is a professional services company who specialise in business development. We offer streamlined financial compliance with Xero-based chartered accountancy, as well as advice for every kind of financial challenge. We believe in working smarter, not harder and using leverage to maximise output from minimum input. The service that really sets us apart is business coaching.



Here at Bizdom we believe in developing people and capability to develop businesses. We love to transform lives by creating the visibility, and in turn the motivation, to work smarter, not harder. Our goals for our clients are time freedom, mind freedom and financial freedom.



We combine the tools, structured coaching programs and the technical analysis of a Chartered Accountant to provide focus on the strategic drivers of the business. This information, coupled with a structured advisory programme, ensures our clients reach their true potential.



Bizdom’s services are relevant for any small, medium or large business, so if you have a burning desire to develop the latent potential of your enterprise – and get your life back at the same time – you should talk to us.



People are the key ingredient in businesses. Our people are led by Mark Greer, one of New Zealand’s most awarded Chartered Accountants. Not only is Mark a self-made man, he’s a thought leader who has helped many other business owners to achieve their financial and life goals.

Taking a day away from working IN the business to focus ON the business without the noise of everyday tasks, teamed up with an independent eye to apply their expertise is invaluable. I have walked away with clarity around my overall business growth path and a few key tasks I can do to send me in that direction. Without the session my business would remain in the status quo. I have left feeling inspired and confident to make some changes and expand my business. Beth Elstone - Littlestone Ltd