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Organisational Review Workshops – available all year

An Organisational Review will help you build a functional Organisation Chart which visually defines departments, key functions, roles and responsibilities.

Sessions are tailored and specific to your business and CAN BE BOOKED ALL YEAR ROUND on a date that suits you.

These sessions are held off site from your usual day to day business activities, either at our Wellington or Hawkes Bay offices, or at a nominated venue.
Price is dependent on firm size.

We will help you to structure your business so that it is more sustainable, scalable, and, ultimately, saleable.

We invite you and your team to spend a half day or full day with us to;

  • Discuss the five fundamentals to develop an Organisation Chart
  • Discuss the four key principles you must adhere to when developing or modifying your Organisation Chart
  • Review our structured process for creating an Organisation Chart
  • Utilise our Organisation Chart template
  • Recommend the next steps to take to develop your first draft organisational review chart


To find out more, please touch base with Vik from our team –


Mark Greer


Mon 03 February 2020


08:00am - 05:00pm


Bizdom Offices,

Level 6, 204 Thorndon Quay, Wellington


New Zealand


New Zealand