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Complimentary Monthly Boardroom Briefings – Core Values

What does your business stand for?

Our values are demonstrated by what we do and how we act: by our behaviour.
Explore the benefits of establishing a set of Core Values within your business and define what they are.

In this session we will cover:

  • Values in the Planning Hierarchy
  • Derivation of Values
  • Values vs. Core Values
  • Benefits & Uses of Core Values
  • Brainstorm of Values
  • Defining Your Core Values


Join us for a powerful session each month to work towards creating a more sustainable, scalable and profitable business. Each month we will cover one key pain point for businesses.
Drinks and nibbles served following each session, allowing a great opportunity to form a support network with other non-competing, like minded business owners.

Topics include:

  • 10 Hats in your business – an overview
  • Time management
  • Leadership – maximising team performance
  • Core Values – what do you stand for?
  • Building a Better Business in 10 Steps
  • Cashflow freedom
  • KPIs in your business
  • Value based selling

When: Thursday 30th July
Where: Bizdom Boardroom, 1st floor, Maritime House, 3 Byron Street, Napier
Time: 4pm – 5.30pm
Cost: Complimentary
Book: Limited to 10 seats


Mark Greer


Thu 30 July 2020


04:00pm - 05:30pm


Bizdom Offices – Napier,

1st floor, Maritime House, 3 Byron Street


Free per person