WEBINAR: 10 Hats in your Business
22 Jul

BOOK HERE OR to register your interest or find out more – email vik@bizdom.co.nz  When: Wednesday 22nd July Where: Webinar Time: 10am – 11.30am Cost: Complimentary   Learn how to create a better organisation structure with clear roles and responsibilities so you can work more effectively. We’ll review the principles and fundamentals of the Organisation […]

Complimentary Monthly Boardroom Briefings – Core Values
30 Jul

What does your business stand for? Our values are demonstrated by what we do and how we act: by our behaviour. Explore the benefits of establishing a set of Core Values within your business and define what they are. In this session we will cover: Values in the Planning Hierarchy Derivation of Values Values vs. […]


Complimentary Monthly Boardroom Briefings – Maximising team performance
27 Aug

We believe the foundation for a strong business is strong people. In this session we will identify the bottlenecks in your team and share with you how to create a culture of a accountability to help boost your team and maximise their performance.   Join us for a powerful session each month to work towards […]

Complimentary Monthly Boardroom Briefings – Building a Better Business in 10 Steps
27 Aug

Gain a stronger understanding of your business’ potential and implement best practice strategies using these 10 steps. A better business is one that delivers on the three freedoms: time freedom, mind freedom and financial freedom. In this session we will cover: The 10 Steps and why you need to take them How to take each of […]


Complimentary Monthly Boardroom Briefings – Cashflow Freedom
24 Sep

92% of small to medium enterprise owners/managers frequently stress about cashflow. So what is cashflow? In this session we will cover: Growth equation Cashflow cycle Break-even analysis Profit drivers & KPIs Budgeting Positioning your business for success   Join us for a powerful session each month to work towards creating a more sustainable, scalable and […]


Complimentary Monthly Boardroom Briefings – Understanding the KPIs in your business
29 Oct

Our best performing clients have 5 KPIs in place by way of best practice. These KPIs are fundamental to running a better business. In this session we share with you the critical drivers of a successful business to help you overcome challenges and leverage opportunities.   Join us for a powerful session each month to […]